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Houston is notorious for drastic weather changes and strong storms that cause dirt and mold to build-up on your home’s windows. If your windows are not cleaned and maintained regularly, window replacements and repairs will be the inevitable and costly consequence. At Clear Horizons, we provide the highest quality and most efficient residential window cleaning services in Houston and the surrounding areas, saving you valuable time and money.


Clear Horizons also services commercial and office buildings in Houston in need of window cleaning and washing. You work hard all year and our commercial window cleaning team will work just as hard to keep your windows maintained and sparkling year-round. Avoid paying for expensive future repairs and replacements with our high-quality commercial window cleaning services.


Most home exteriors are constructed with brick, from walls and chimneys to pavers and structural supports. While brick is an excellent building material, brick is prone to attracting grime, algae, mold, and mildew that accumulate on the bricks over time. Since high-pressure washing can damage your home’s brickwork, we offer the highest quality soft washing services to clean and restore your brick without damaging the brick.


Due to Houston’s weather, having your home’s siding cleaned is a necessity to maintain a clean and damage-free exterior. Although siding and Hardi-Planks are durable, they need to be cleaned regularly, but cleaning siding and Hardi-Planks with high-pressure water will quickly damage the siding. At Clear Horizons, we offer siding and Hardi-Plank pressure washing services utilizing low-pressure water spray and unique cleaning tools to make your home’s siding look brand new.


Did you know that you can damage your driveway by using a pressure washer on the wrong settings? This is a recurring issue for homeowners attempting to clean their driveways, typically resulting in expensive repairs. To steer clear of damaging your driveway, Clear Horizons has a team of professionals with over 25 years of driveway pressure washing experience, removing stubborn stains and streaks from concrete driveways.


Cleaning your home’s patio and pool deck by yourself is not easy, and just like other pressure washing projects, you can easily damage your patio or pool deck if performed incorrectly. When you need to remove oil and grease stains or mold and mildew from your patio or pool deck, trust the pressure washing professionals at Clear Horizons to take care of the work for you with the use of our advanced pressure washers, nozzles, and techniques.


Wood deck maintenance is crucial for protecting the fibers of your wooden deck. Mold, algae, fungus, and mildew build-up quickly on wood decks in Houston due to the extreme humidity. The most efficient way to remove these environmental contaminants and protect your wooden deck is to have a professional team of wood deck pressure washers come in and clean up. At Clear Horizons, we use the right cleaners and proper pressure washing machines to clean your wood deck quickly and effectively, restoring it to its original condition.


It is not uncommon to drive through neighborhoods in Houston and see houses with gutters filled to the brim with environmental debris. If left unchecked and full, the gutters of your home will no longer ensure your home’s safety from issues such as pest infestation, rotting soffits, and siding damage. Before your gutters fill up and fail, reach out to the professional gutter cleaning experts at Clear Horizons. Our team is trained and experienced to finish every job safely, completely, and responsibly.

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